Roots of Peace Community Garden has signed off on the completion of my 200 hours of community service (05/08/19)! Now, would the government give me credit?  Let’s wait and see. In the meantime, mark my lips: I am not doing the five years probation. I’ve already told Federal Magistrate Judge Gabriel Gorenstein in open court on March 19, 2019, “I’m not going to your prison and I am not doing probation.”

On my mother’s grave (#MaLily Elizabeth Makouela Okoumou), I’ll say, “Take it or leave it; I am not your slave.” Giving in – is appeasing to white supremacy. I’ll settle this matter in my own sense of justice for the world to see, not behind closed doors.

Furthermore, my mom recently passed away; so, this is the first swearing I’ll ever do on her grave, “I am not doing  your five years probation! I’m not your slave. Go pick on Donald J. Trump, his cronies, his minions and apologists.” 

Fight like a girl💖!

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