If I have something to say, I’ll say it. Isn’t it why we have a  social media platform to begin with? People have the right to listen/not  listen. Isn’t it why we don’t tell people to shut up? Is this not why  we have a first amendment to the constitution? I mean Roseanne Barr can  attest to that, right; assuming, she’s learned from her mistakes. That’s  her own prerogative.

Let me learn from my own mistakes, but for the love of God do not tone police me! Here’s my observation and  finding thus far. Now I’m going to put Oprah Winfrey (@Oprah) on the spot  because I know she is not going to come back and attack me for mentioning her (I love Oprah, just so you know).

If I am truly a shero to many people, not just Americans, then as a humanity, I must say sadly we have failed me #ReturnTheChildren.  No, no hear me out! This is how I feel we treat our veterans when they  return from war. You can fill in the blanks; one example is how hard  they have to fight for health benefits, social security, housing and  even getting simple friendly visits from strangers. If you’re blind, deaf or with any other form of disabilities, I am certain you understand  this sentiment.

Here’s the answer I’ve come up with while  listening to others witness my personal experience and journey into the  lion den. Everyone is worry about their “image”. I get that – then just say it, “I’m worry about my own image.” Take aside the story of the  woman who climbed the Statue of Liberty on the Fourth of July and add it  with “police apprehend” her, she is in custody and Patricia Okoumou  is facing charges related to her action against the Trump  Administration and you wouldn’t wonder anymore, “Why hasn’t [so-and-so]  reached out to her.” IMAGE!

I am a disenfranchised individual. It  matters not that I tried to save the lives of children by risking my  own. I am less American because I am a black African woman (so they said and treat me as such). Our system  of justice calls for house slaves to beat the shit out of me by ignoring my act of courage and patriotism. I cry as I write these last words. I  am filled with frustration yet forgiveness and acceptance. Now go ahead and crucify me for writing this post, Jesus went through it and I  wouldn’t be first. PEACE✊🏿!

 Photo Credit: Sue Brisk

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