Lesson  101: Although I have become a public figure, don’t forget that I am  just a regular person such as yourself with flaws. I do not seek  approval from the outside, but from within.

I have been very busy  with my new role in the world. I have sought your friendship because  many people have searched for a way to get to know me. I have been  interacting with you all the time, even at odds hours. Those days might  come abruptly to an end, as my work pulls me closer to liberating The  Children.

So, please do not send me private messages about how  offended you are about something I posted as if I owe you something.  This is social media. That means posts are subject to different  interpretations. Everyone is free to express how they feel about the  posts in the comment section as long as we do not start insulting each  other personally.

No one has forced you into this relationship.  If you get offended easily, check with a close friend. If you want to  learn more about a post, ask how it was intended not how you feel it was  intended. Whenever I don’t get a comment, I often ask for clarity with  one simple word, “uh?” This removes me from judging the person based on  my own biases or perceptions.

Another thing, I am not a public  figure running for office. I do not need your vote. Therefore, I am free  from the influence of money and votes. I am living off your GoFundMe  contributions since I am doing activism full time. But you give freely, I  suppose – not to tie me into your own personal agenda.


Patricia Okoumou

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