Hello, I was at the Board of Elections waiting for my ballet to be processed. No pictures were allowed inside. So, I took this one for you outside the office😀.

Everyone, please vote on September 13th – that’s  next week (mark your calendar and remind others to vote absentee if they  are traveling). As for me, I am going to Paris and London next week: Sunday 09/09/18-Saturday 09/15/18.

Know the deadline rules for casting and absentee ballot. 

To Staten Islanders, please join me! I voted for Democrat Jasi Robinson  after two people reminded me via email and text that Diane Savino is an Independent Democrat (IDC). An IDC is a  fake democrat. They cause a lot of problems for voters, as they vote republican most of the time. Basically, it’s a big mess! They are traitors. Find out from the following link if your New York Senator is an IDC member: #VoteThemOut.

Thank you! In case people still have doubts. I’m glad I voted for her democratic challenger Jasi Robinson.  This is what Diane Savino would have said against my patriotic act on July 04th, “Protest is fine and dandy until someone gets killed!  This is absolute nonsense and the definition of reckless endangerment.  walking onto an expressway not only endangers your own hide, but the  potential for a multi-vehicle pile up, jackknifed tractor trailers, or  the death of DOT, TBTA and Highway cops is extraordinary. Each one of  these idiots should be arrested,” Ms. Savino wrote. I think she is the idiot and she should be arrested for corrupting our country😘!  

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