I have had friends help me create graphics in the past, but I have had to learn to do it again as I used to when I was a college student and worked for different organizations. I am now my own agent. This poster was created today.

This week, I was able to obtain my first  Limited Liability Company (LLC) – This gratitude is owed to  Jabir Faqir, John Anner of Ansar Partners and Ivy Arce.

I am inviting you to join me in solidarity with #ReturnTheChildren this November 05th at 9 o’clock. This date is the actual trial. I am expecting a good turnout from supporters – those who believe in peaceful protest and civil disobedience.

The location is 500 Pearl Street at United States Southern District of New York (downtown). Bring your signs, posters, representing the children our government has placed in concentration camps. #WeWillNotBeSilent💋

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