This event on Eiffel Tower was falsely reported.

I was beaten by #FrenchPolice of #EmmanuelMacron, as I took my cause to #France in connection with  #LadyLiberty’s birthplace.

Today, Monday December 03, 2018, I am sound and safe; however, the people of @EmmanuelMacron had detained, incarcerated and institutionalized me in three psych wards, as a direct result of my act of activism.

God  has shown me time after time that s/he leads my life. I did go without  fear of authority a second time to re-experience my act of defiance in solidarity with  #ReturnTheChildren.

#EiffelTower climbing was another testimony to our  strength and faith that we will overcome any obstacles placed upon our  paths.

My banner cost me about $300 and it reads: “Christopher Columbus didn’t  Discover America #AbolishICE #ReturnTheChildren.” Both of my actions  with #frenchpolice did evacuate the #EiffelTower. Unfortunately, credit was given to  #Yellowvest #protesters, who weren’t at this site in #Paris.

The people  of Emmanuel Macron were alerted and notified on my second attempt because I had highly publicized my attempt to climb again on social media. They were expecting me. The  #frenchpolice picked me up in a brutal manner: https://www.facebook.com/patricia.okoumou.735/videos/204449137143351/.

I’m kindly asking them to return my banner. In the  meantime, I am raising money for my troubles. Next time, I’ll #Boycott  #ColumbusDay2019 in favor of #IndigenousPeoplesDay2019!  I am raising money to cover this trip and activism.

Thank you again  everyone who was concerned about my safety. Thank you for caring and  supporting my cause. Thank you to friends who posted status updates  about me as I had little WiFi connection. I was often low on  batteries.

If you cannot give today, please share my GoFundMe  (www.gofundme.com/PatriciaOkoumou) account widely until my trial, which  is on schedule for December 17, 2018 .

Here’s My Fundraising Link: https://www.facebook.com/donate/265882710947741/265971857605493/.   Wishing everyone good mental health!

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