This Mother’s Day, I have a message from #MaLily.

     Yesterday, the devil used a business entity in an attempt to distract by creating an appearance of chaos and confusion. The devil is simply a liar.

You might have experienced it:

     The devil would knock your door. Don’t answer it. It’ll shake your ground. Don’t react to it; instead, act naturally by walking if you were walking, staying still if you were still. The devil would try to open the windows. Don’t fear it. It’s not going to come in, unless you allow it. The devil would shake the roof. Don’t crumble.

     After I had buried #Malily, a story surfaced that I couldn’t recall to have heard growing up. One of my younger brothers confirmed that my mom had died for three days when she was a baby. It was a stranger who had convinced her family not to bury her because she was still alive.

     A story I have repeated and I am quite familiar with is that of my mom resurrecting a man who had already died for three days. Of course, I was not present when this happened, but a cousin had confirmed it to be true as well as other relatives. The story was relatively new when I first heard it as a teenager.

    What I had witnessed myself was a secret my mom had asked me to hold, which I have written in my journals throughout the years. A series of events had happened within hours of each other, as #Malily had predicted them to me. It was in my early adulthood; so, I was no longer a child. I remember them as if it was yesterday. #Malily is a force not to be reckoned with, especially after death.

     The day #Malily passed, on March 31, 2019, I held her hand and slept beside her hospital bed while she remained in the coma. There was a thunderstorm accompanied by heavy rain that the Republic of Congo (I was told) had not experienced that season. Strong weather appeared out of nowhere and caught people by surprise. The second such sign appeared in the middle of a family dispute at her wake.

     Some things are left to be experienced by the individuals themselves. I am not trying to convince you of her powers. I am a witness to my own miracles. She is the mother of such a miracle. This Mother’s Day, I am inspired to talk about #Malily because she is well alive within me. I have accepted her as one; thus, I am telling her story to the extent that it can be understood – better yet witnessed. Believe and see for yourself.

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