I woke up this morning my head spinning with stories of migrant children of all ages. My head still on the pillow, tears dropping down my cheeks, I ate breakfast thinking about how it is to be an immigrant: adult, child or toddler. It wasn’t long before I saw the news – the worse that was to come. A 7-year-old migrant’s soul had already left its parents, the group and Custom Border Patrol (CBP) who were too busy to realize that she was dying.  Her last moments reminded me of how the #frenchpolice of Emmanuel Macron at #EiffelTower in #Paris #France was too busy restraining my body like an animal that they didn’t hear me scream that I was suffocating. My scarfs had covered my mouth. Someone’s fingers were on my windpipe. The more I screamed of pain, the more they tortured me. #frenchpolice‘s fingers pressed my windpipe. That’s often how one dies in custody, #AbolishICE. In such stressful situations, no one has time to remember basic necessities, such as food and water to regulate body temperature and check for blood pressure. Have basic necessities at the border to regulate body temperature and check for blood pressure. I had heard of stories of how border patrol removed water that were placed at the deserts for immigrants crossing the border. Some of the volunteers who careful hid water for migrants to find them were taken into custody and arrested. What we need most at the border are medical personnel: nurses, doctors and therapists as well as lawyers to ease the tension. It is too traumatizing for a child. Just how hard is it to grasp? Migration is a human right #ReturnTheChildren. I am angry today😡.  https://wapo.st/2GhITrT?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.bacfc6f08009

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