Lesson 101: I’ve learned that human beings are very retaliatory.  Whenever people give you the cold shoulders for whatever reason (got up  on the wrong side of bed), you give it back to them. Let them taste the  taste of their own medicine. I bet you they’ll spit it out because ain’t  nobody who got time for this BS.

A respectable person would take  courage to express themselves assertively and be your friend  (unconditional love). They wouldn’t coward up in a corner and show you passive aggression.

That’s not how we hold each other accountable. They want to be loved,  but they can’t love back. They want to be accepted, but they can’t  tolerate. If you’re dealing with a capricious person in these examples  outlined, chances are they do not fully support you anyway. You are  better off letting them go. Someone else would value you for your  God-given potentials.

Sometimes  people are so uncomfortable in their own skin due to lack of stamina or  something and they’ll project you upon you (fear, panic, nervousness  etc.). You need to do the math quickly and take care of your own soul. 😘 Photo Credit: Anita Otilia Rodriguez

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