That’s a photo of me Journalist, Joe Penney, took of me through my window at my residence in Staten Island, New York during my first interview in home confinement. As you can see, my foot is swollen and the monitor does hurt my circulation.

How phony, complicit, and unjust that Donald J. Trump and his reprehensible administration isn’t in ankle electronic monitors  for violating court rulings and misleading our judicial system  – the same “shackles” the court placed on me for climbing CEO #JuanSanchez South West Key Detention Center.

By the way, this profiteer, Juan Sanchez, which we targeted has resigned today (Monday March 11, 2019) only less than 20 days since I had occupied his detention center and we made national news in #Travis #Austin #Texas (https://7ny.tv/2TUDdXb, https://www.cbsnews.com/news/therese-patricia-okoumou-statue-of-liberty-climber-scales-austin-texas-southwest-key-program-building-2019-02-20/, https://nypost.com/2019/02/26/feds-want-statue-of-liberty-climbers-bail-revoked-after-latest-stunt/).

Please call and write to those newspaper agencies out there muffling my story, except for https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/federal-judge-expands-ruling-orders-all-children-separated-2017-reunited?fbclid=IwAR2xQTMwsmjduoRcNYg4XvUWRQajtaWSyxsDeHInLdsLfGEL2I8uvnSrfH4. 

Call them out, not limited to the following complicit who worship the 1% by holding them in power and telling their stories instead of heroic poor and marginalized communities’ good and punished deeds: https://nyti.ms/2HuUt1N, https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/43zpbw/ceo-of-southwest-key-the-largest-network-of-shelters-for-migrant-children-in-the-us-has-resigned?utm_campaign=sharebutton, and

Ask these newspapers why isn’t the sacrifice and work of #LadyLibertyClimber mentioned in today’s stories? As she faces 3 months in prison + 1 year supervision why isn’t her sentence printed in their recent articles at all? Demand that this manner of suppressing black people, women of color and immigrants’ stories has to end because the world is watching and God is taking notes. Everyone will be accountable for this complicity and desensitized attitude.

Give credit to activism’s collective hard work. Civil disobedience is protected under our constitution. It is a peaceful form of protest. No one wants to commit crimes for any #GoFundMe as the judge seems to indicate. These are serious #humanitarian issues requiring desperate measures, such as the brave actions of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. etc.

If we need a team of psychologists to break it down to our judicial system, let’s invite them to come testify. After all, the issues remains about babies in #concentrationcamps. Stand for something today! 

Don’t get mad, but get even. I have love around me, but if I don’t sound the alarm about what’s happening with me, everyone will think things are just fine when it is not the case. I have to keep pressing, pushing forward and marching as soldiers do. There isn’t much time for anything else. These are pressing times requiring all hands on deck in the manner that might be burdensome for some, but we need everyone including those politicians refusing to listen and help. The issues of babies in cages should have been resolved months ago and shouldn’t have existed. 

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